Young, Old, Silly

Young, Old, Silly

Young subs, older doms

I think that’s me.

Now, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I always looked for an older dom. Even when looking at my relationship outside of d/s, a lot of the men I have been with were older than I was at the time.
Of course, by first boyfriends were the same age as I. The older I got, the bigger the age difference seem to become. I remember the first boyfriend who was older than the ones before. The age difference was 6 years, which doesn’t sound too bad. But I was 16 at the time and still in school and he was at university and 22. A couple years later I started dating a man 14 years older than I.

When looking at d/s I do see a similiar pattern. My first dom and I had a 10 year difference I believe. It might’ve been also 12. And while I did go out with men my age, it never fit. Often because we were in very different stages in life and didn’t have much in common. At some point I even had a sentence on one of my dating profiles that I’m not intersted in men my age. Boy, that didn’t no go over well with the young crowd.

Besides the time I put that sentence on my profile, I never intantially looked for an older partner. It just how things went. I’m not even sure why. Also in my circle of friends, for a long time I was usually the youngest one. With at least a few years between me and everyone else. I’d say that changed now. But to be fair, there are a lot of friends where I have no clue how old they are exactly.

But back to the topic. The biggest age difference was about 18 or 20 years. I don’t really remember. That changed in 2019. Michael and I are quite a few years apart. But I don’t always feel it. Because he can so very silly, as you can see…

Just because I seem to like men to be older than I, doesn’t mean that is how it should be. A dominant isn’t dominant because of their age. Just as a submissive. It really depends on what works for each party involved.

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