Ice Cold Love

Ice Cold Love

Part of our conversation yesterday went somethibg like that:
Him: What is today’s FetChat topic?
Me: I believe I saw a post saying there’s no FetChat today.
Him: Why not?
Me: Don’t know. Maybe it’s too hot?

Obviously that wasn’t the reason. But I was very hot yesterday and the days before, so that was my answer to everything.

Him: If it’s too hoot, they could talk about temperature play.
Me: Yeah sure.
Him: You could take an ice cube, when you get home, and apply it to your nipple and we could chat about that my little slut.
Me: Mhm.
Him (something like): Is that the right way to answer?
Me: Well, it sounded like a suggestion, not like task.
He changed his wording.

Needless to say, the ice cube and the nipple met. And while I was at it, this picture happened:

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  1. Ooooo, it’s been a while since I’ve done ice play.
    Lovers in the past using the ice and mouth as counter points has worked well. This love though has a low core tempo to begin with. Not sure ice play is a prudent choice. Today though we spend on the great sand dunes of Alamosa?

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