Write, Type, Think, Feel

Write, Type, Think, Feel

Between my finger and my thumb the squat pen rests; snug as a gun.

Seamus Heaney

Now isn’t that true?

I wouldn’t go so far to say that writing is my life, but it does pay the bill as it’s part of my job. It also helped me a lot and continues helping me.

Often enough I find it easier to express and explain my thoughts and feelings through writing. That is what this blog is in the first place. Writing allows me to process everything that is in my head and put it on paper, digital or real.

But writing of others is important for me as well. I grew up in a house filled with books. Reading has always been an important part of my life. And I’m happy to see that I have given that to the MiniMes. The love for books and the written word.

Lately I have also experienced that what I write can have power. It can start a discussion, it can upset people or make them happy. I start feeling more comfortable sharing my thoughts not only here, but on my vanilla social media. Every now and then I toy with the thought of starting another blog and write about all the other things I want to share my thoughts on. Maybe anonymously. Maybe one day I will.

But all that writing is really typing. On my laptop, my computer, my phone. How often do we actually have a pen and use it to write something? I know I do that, when I’m not sure how a word is written correctly.

Of course there are things I wrote old school style, with a pen. Like my lists or which groceries I need to get.

For a while now, I have been writing something special with a pen. Whenever I write a letter to Michael. It is special. I take the time and energy and concentrate. There has been a lot of writing like that going on lately and more will follow, as I’m preparing something special. But more on that when it’s time.

Writing is amazing and powerful. And I hope I will never lose my love for the written word. Mine or other people’s.

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  1. Any written word is valid. It all depends on what and how you write. One article may offend readers, while another may go unnoticed. But in any case, you will not know the result if you do not do it. So write and we will read it.

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