Girls! Girls! Girls!

Girls! Girls! Girls!

Today I took part in an event. A real life event. With real people. That was amazing and wonderful and I really looked forward to it.

I was asked to speak with a few other people and I had a lot of fun. After we finished our talk, the audience was allowed to ask some questions. Some of the questions were for all of us, some just for me or one of the others.

Afterwards I stayed for a bit and continued talking to a few women. Our conversation shifted from the original topic to other things and we laughed and argued. I only knew one of them, but it felt like we were on a similar wave length.

Especially one really stood out. I felt drawn to her and wouldn’t have mind spending the whole evening with her. However, I had to go home. As I was on my way back, I thought about the previous hours and the people I met.

I tried to figure out what it was that was so special about that one. I know, sometimes I meet people I want to be friends with. I feel a connection with them or they impress me somehow. But that wasn’t it. It was something different.

I kept thinking about her and kept seeing her in front of me. Suddenly I realised: I’m attracted to her.

I have a little crush on her and if I could I would definitely make a move on her. Maybe that is something to dream about tonight.

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