Burning Hearts

Burning Hearts

After writing a post every day, I often find it hard to get back into regular writing. I often feel exhausted after the commitment of 30/31 days and need a break. Sometimes it seems that I’m out of ideas of what to share. Luckily there are memes and prompts out there which help with that.
Like the current NoTrueWay prompt:

You will never find a more loyal lover than a submissive.
Their hearts burn in an altogether different level.

My first thought is to say that I can’t really judge that, as I am the submissive one. But the more I think about it, the more I realise that of course I have an opion on that matter.

I wouldn’t agree that a submissive is a more loyal lover than anyone else. That’s not fair to all the other people out there, and also not to the submissive. It also puts a lot of pressure on the sub.

I agree that my heart burns different than that of Michael, who’s the dominant part in our relationship. But it also burns different than that of anyone else. We all have different ways to love. And each way is beautiful. Michael for sure loves in a very different way than many men I knew before. Dominant as well as vanilla and anything in between.

The more I think about the statement, the more I realise how unfair it is. What makes a submissive more loyal than anyone else? And if they are the loyal ones, where does that leave the doms? It seems I have more questions than answers to this statement.

Why is it that we always have the need to compare? Is the person who said that that insecure or are they trying to justify the d/s in their life?
It shouldn’t be that way. Love should be love. In any shape or form. Love shows in million different ways and that is the beauty of it. No love is like any other.

Looking from the outside, I see how someone might think that the statement is true. Yes, I trust someone enough to submit to them. I allow them to take control over me and parts of my life. I let go and believe that everything they do is in my and our best interest.
Shouldn’t all loving relationships be that way? Minus the submitting part, obviously?

You’ll never find a more loyal lover than someone who loves you with their whole heart.

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