Light Up

Light Up

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Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.

Anne Frank

Just as before, I have feelings when using a qoute by Anne Frank on my sex blog.
But, not all I write is sexy or naughty or kinky. So be prepared for a rather innocent post.

There is something about candle and candlelight. It is different. There’s light, but only close to the flame. Also the light itself, it’s different. It’s calming and warm. It moves with the wind and is so fragile. It really is unique.

There are times in our lives when it seems that everything is just as fragile as the light of a candle. Challenges are coming our ways, just like the wind blows at the candle and it runs the risk of going out. It can feel like one more blow is what will make us quit or stop trying. One more blow and the light disappears.
We all have moments when everything seems dark and nothing seems to make it better and brighten our days.

But then there’s that one moment, that one person, that one incident and everything changes. It can be a smile from a stranger or a thank you from the boss or a (simple) I love you from the person you love.
It can be a development you didn’t even realise could happen and a new turn that could be taken.
I can be a chance, suddenly appearing and bringing back the smile on our faces.

Those are the moments that defy the darkness we sometimes face. The darkness is still there, but it is pushed away by those little things. And it’s those little things and moments that give us the strength to carry on, to push, and to brighten the light – use that one candle to light up more candles and push the darkness further away.

I came to realise that pushing away the darkness is an amazing thing, sometimes it’s not what is needed at that very moment.
Sometimes, defining the darkness is as important, if not more so.
Understand where the problem is coming from, seeing the obstacle is something we concentrate less on. It might just be me.
While some of the darkness leave, when light is shed, other darkness and problems stay. That is the darkness we have to work on, overcome, understand.
A dark room is a dark room until there’s light. And often we might not see the whole picture before we illuminate the room, examine all the corners of the room and understand where we are and what it is that stands in our way.

In times like now. In a world full of uncertainty and caution, I hope for all of us to a candle of our own. To light up our way, defy the darkness and define the obstacales in our way.

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