Of Good Girls and Sirs

Of Good Girls and Sirs

What Titles and Labels Do You Prefer?

I prefer no labels. Never have really.
And to be honest, I still am looking for the one which describes me best as a submissive. Maybe submissive is what I am. While I have moments and situations where I’m a Daddy’s Girl, I’m not that all the time.
I know it’s easier for most people to apply labels to others or relationships. And the moment something is a bit out of the norm we’re used to, it seems harder for us to understand.

But maybe I’m wrong and I have not yet found the labels which describes me and us. If one day I’ll do, I will let you all know!

As for titles.
I like calling my dominant “Sir”. That comes natural to me. Or as natural as it can come. There are moments when I can struggle with that. And as mentioned before, being a Daddy’s Girl, there are moments when I call him “Daddy”. “Sir” however was something we both felt good with from the beginning It fits into our dynamic and we are comfortable with it.
I’ve been with men who preferred a certain title and I do my best to use that. Unless I find it utterly ridiculous.
My biggest challenge was when I started seeing German-speaking dominants and had to switch to German titles. It was weird for me. Simply, because I was not used to use German in d/s related contexts.

Titles have to fit and feel good when saying or hearing them. That is also true for the submissive partner.

Titles for me?
Usually, Sir calls me “my little slut”. I like that. There’s a bit of history behind that and that makes it personal. On special days or occasions I get to be “cunt” and let me tell you, that does something to me. In a very good way.

I have been called “Princess”, by my first dom. I believe I even had a pendant that said that. I remember that it took us a while to find a title or name which fit. For a very short time “cutie” was tried out and I can not say enough, how happy I am that it didn’t stick.
There simply are some titles which I really do not like. There’s no way I will ever be called “baby” or any variation of that by someone. At least not more than once. I stated that very early on when Michael and I started talking.

I am a sucker for “Good Girl”. Hearing him say that – makes me have all kinds of feelings. And if he says “My Good Girl”. Sigh.

Ultimately, it makes no difference what the title or even the labels are. The important thing is that we know how we feel and can find someone to explore more about that and maybe other aspects.

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