Real Life vs. d/s

Real Life vs. d/s

Does it surprise you that you might not maintain the same level of D/s during the stressful times? Do you think you know how you’ll handle your relationship when it does? What ideas can you consider that might help you when this happens?

This is what happens to us constantly. Whether it is Mean Day and I get an email from school about one of the kids and I’m so overwhelmed and annoyed and upset that I have to stop it or a phone call when he’s being his dominant self and I feel the lovely submissive feeling and then someone in his life calls “Michael” because something needs to be taken care off. I could go on and on with examples. #

Those are two bigger ones, but there are also those little moments in everyday life. Those things happen. Work, kids, family, other unforeseeable circumstances. But that is how life is. My boss and my kids and the delivery service don’t care about my d/s life and my d/s schedule.

As reasonable as that sounds as hard it sometimes is to unterstand.
I have a weekly schedule and for some days, like Mean Days I have an extra schedule. I like schedules. They make my life easier. Mostly. I have a structure and in that structure I know what to do. But every now and then I need to break free of that structure or life has me busy with other things and I’m not able to do the things I’m supposed to when I’m supposed to.

That is when I start beating myself up. Most of the time I know it’s not my fault. I have no influence on everything that goes on around me. But often I wonder whether that’s true. I could’ve done the thing I was supposed to do earlier and then local life wouldn’t have interfered. Or I should’ve ignored something and did my task instead.
I’m sure, I’m not the only one with those feelings.

Balancing d/s and real life is hard;
I like Michael approach. He calls it “local life”. That is true. Both d/s and local life are real life. Sometimes they align perfectly and other times it seems I can’t make either work.
It is a struggle and a balance.
But I’m sure that the combination of both works, if there’s a will. And understanding and communication.

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