Who needs sex when you have d/s?

Who needs sex when you have d/s?

Have you ever considered d/s without a sexual component? Would you be interested in something like it? How important is sex to your current or future d/s relationship?

For a long time, d/s was connected to sex. And it still is. I can’t imagine how having d/s in my relationship but not in the sex part would work.

In the beginning d/s was just sexual for me. It was things like orgasm control and things like that. Even though many of my d/s relationships were mostly online. But even the ones with men I’d see from time to time, it always concentrated on the sexual aspect of it.

Sex plays into it. And I’m not talking about PiV-sex, but all the other fun parts of it. Getting spanked makes me wet. So, when I’m being spanked because of a something I did that wasn’t sexual at all, I will get aroused by it.

But there are things that have room in our d/s which definitely aren’t sexual. My daily task of drinking enough water has nothing to do with sex. The reason for it is me staying hydrated and healthy. Same is true for many other daily rules.
The rules however exist because we are d/s. He sees that I need help with something or I ask him for help. Next thing I know, we talk about it and a new rule or task is implemented. I like that. It makes him part of my life, but it also shows that he takes care of me.

I do like sex and I very much enjoy kinky sex. But it’s not the most important part of my relationship. I can do a day or two without it (I’m joking).
Considering that I have never lived with one of my doms before, I know that there’s a difference between visiting or going away together and actually living together. Maybe one day I will find out. It will be a new experience for me and I look forward to it.

For now, sex and anything sexual is part of d/s for me. But it’s exactly that. It’s a part of it and d/s is so much more.

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  1. There are cases when people maintain a D / s relationship at a great distance and, accordingly, never enter into an PIV-sex. But at the heart of such relationships, there is still always a sexual basis, in whatever form it manifests itself.

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