Rituals and Tasks

Rituals and Tasks

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I had been doing so well with the 30 Days of d/s. But then again, it was easy. I started when I was away on holiday with Michael. There was only a little bit of work I needed to do. There was no problem making time to write. And the first time back was easy enough as well. But then things got busy and here I am. Finally sitting down to write my thoughts on one of the final prompts for 30 Days of d/s.
And again I am with him.

Can you think of tasks or rituals you already have or some you think you’d like to have that could be incorporated in a current or future D/s relationship?

We have tasks and rituals in our d/s. I find it very important to have those. Especially when it’s LDR.
I am aware that tasks and rituals are not something everyone enjoys. But they work for me. I have known that I need tasks in my d/s for a long time. And being with someone, for whom they are less important, was never something that left either party happy.

Tasks and rituals give me structure. They remind me of our d/s throughout the day. No matter what I’m going. There are things I do on certain days and other tasks and rituals never change.
Every morning I send Sir a “good morning” text and every evening a “good night” one. Neither of those texts reinforces our d/s in any way. And I would do that even if we were vanilla. At the same time I also would expect it from my partner.
I do send more than the few words.

In the morning, there is always my affirmation and at night I ask permission to go to sleep. I like how we were able to connect something ordinary and connect it to our d/s.

Rituals are probably more widespread than one would think. Everyone and every couple has rituals. We simply decided to give those every day rituals a d/s context.

The tasks on the other hand are exclusively d/s related. Even if they themselves aren’t kinky. Thus, I am to drink a certain amount of water (or more) or have regular walks. Neither of these are d/s particularly, but we make them part of our d/s.

There are definitely other tasks and rituals I’d like to be incorporated into our d/s. Not that one comes to mind at this very moment, of course. But we will add some. We will give things a try and see how they work. We might change them, stop them all together, or be very happy with the choice of the task/ritual.

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