Mommy likes Bruises

Mommy likes Bruises

If you’re a parent, today is a day to think about how you make your D/s work while raising kids. And if you’re not a parent yet, imagine how you might handle things if you have children.

I am very cautious with my kids and mentioning them in here or Twitter. Or any other kink-related site or event. They aren’t part of that world and aren’t aware of it.

For the first years that I have been exploring d/s and all that comes with it, the kids were too small to even understand. It didn’t make a huge difference to them with whom I was on the phone or whether I was wearing a necklace or a collar. It was easy.

Then I needed a break. And after I came back, I suddenly had to learn that things are different now. They hear things, they ask questions, they are more aware of their and my surroundings.

Now I should mention, again, that I have never lived with a dom. So them walking in on us is something that most likely won’t happen anytime soon. But because of that, I can’t say how I’d make the d/s dynamic and having children work.

That actually is something that makes me wonder how 24/7 could ever work. I want my kids to grow up to have a normal understanding of life and role models and all. I don’t want my daughter to think women have to submit to men and serve them

Neither do I want my son to be convinced that he has a higher, better, whatever standing because he’s male.

Knowing myself and my kids I highly doubt that would’ve ever been the case. But it’s thoughts like that which make me a bit nervous.

In the end it’s simple. My kids are not that far from being adults and there’s no way I will have another child. Kids and d/s is nothing I need to think about too much. And I have to admit, I’m quite happy about it.

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  1. My partner bruises easily. So, it is not uncommon for her to have a bruise on her bicep from me holding her arms down while planking over her. Or a bruise on her thigh from simply rubbing my thumb on the same spot over and over as we drive her to work.

    Spankings and rope marks are another story. I have learned her pressure limits. That helps. But if we have a vigorous session “Mom fell down doing X” is a simple answer.

    Kids make it interesting.
    Discretion is the key to valor.

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