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I didn’t have a lot to write about lately. I didn’t rweet much either. On the one hand, I was really busy. But I also didn’t think there was much to share. No ideas which popped into my head.

At the same time, I miss writing. My blog that is. I also miss tweeting and the interactions I have on Twitter. I keep promising myself that I’ll be better, but then local life happens or something I read. Or I rather spend the time chatting with Sir.

I can’t remember whether I mentioned it befire, but I noticed I write less since I met him. It has to do with me rather spending time with him. But also, with the fact, that this blog and also my Twitter has always been a place where I could share thoughts and ideas, which were NSFW and/or would not be understood by the people surrounding me.

Not only have I finally found someone I can share all that with, I also get to live out many of my fantasies and desires. And try out new things. Things I never imagined wanting.

Yesterday Sir got his booster shot. As today went by, he started feeling the effects of it and decided to lie down for a bit. That was a few hours ago. And reliable sources tell me, he’s fast asleep. I’m glad he is. The fact that he has need sleeping and wasn’t woken up by any of my texts, means he needed it.

So I decided, as I am in bed myself, to use this opportunity and write. Nothing exciting or kinky or even remotely sexy. But whatever comes to mind.

Coming week it’ll be 2 years since I met him for the first time. So much has changed. For me, for him, for the world. We have grown. Individually and as a team. I learnt a lot about him, about myself, about my d/s. And there is so much more to learn and understand.

So many things I want to try and topics I want to discuss and ideas I want to understand. Often enough I long for him. To see him, to be with him, to feel his touch. And I look for ways to make it happen sooner than later. I’m always disappointed when I realise it won’t work out right now.

In those moments I realise it will happen. It might now happen right today, tomorrow or the day after. But eventually I will be with again. We’ll work it out and make it happen.

I miss him. I aways miss him. I love missing him.

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