Cum For Me

Cum For Me

It is a submissive’s responsibility to make sure the dominant (always) reaches orgasm.

I love it when he orgasms. The look on his face, the sounds he makes. I love the moments before. When I know he’s close. The way his body tenses up and then relaxes after.

In my opinion, Sir does not have enough orgasms. He should definitely have more. But he seems to have this idea to prefer to have them with me. Which is a problem, as we live in two different countries and covid and local life keeps us apart. Although there is an occasional orgasm when we’re on the phone. And I really enjoy those.

But are his orgasms my responsibility?

I don’t believe so. While he could tell me to make sure he comes, it still is up to him. I could do all the right things, but if his mindset is jot in the right place, he might not be able to reach an orgasm. That can not be my fault. Hence, his orgasm can’t be my responsibility.

Is it my responsibility to make sure he reaches an orgasm as often as possible?

Again, I can certainly try and make him feel good. But at the end, it’s up to him. Saying the dom’s orgasms are the sub’s responsibility is not only wrong, but puts a burden on the submissive and sets them off to fail.

Who is responsible for my orgasms?

To the untrained eye, it might seem that my orgasms aren’t mine. I have agreed to several things when I agreed to be in a d/s relationship with Michael. One of the things I agreed to, is orgasm control. He is in control of my orgasms. I ask permission to have them. Sometimes they are denied, very often though I get to have an orgasm. Or a few.

There are times when orgasms are on my weekly schedule. And then there are times when we are together and he is the one to make me cum. I admit those are the best orgasms. He is a very talented guy and I miss his fingers and his tongue. But I’m deviating.

While he has control over my orgasms, it’s still my body and my mind and my emotional state which allows me to cum. Or not.

What is my responsibility then?

My responsibility is not to make sure Sir has an orgasm. My responsibility is to care for him, serve him, make him proud, love him.

And be there when he actually does cum. Inside me or on me….

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