His and Mine

His and Mine

I like birthdays. I really do. Of course I like the presents and all. But I think it’s more about a special day. I love my birthday. And it hurts me when somebody I care deeply about forgets it. But I also like other people’s birthdays. Thinking of something special for them, being part of their special day.

I also like other special days. Holiday for example. I know that not everyone is that way and I accept that. But I am. I like to think of something for those days. I will make lists and excel spreadsheets or simply search the Web for inspiration.

While I really care about my birthday not being forgotten, I’m OK other people not being as into holidays and such.

What I never was big on are anniversaries. I mean as a teenager, I would remember the day I started dating a guy. But as I grew older, I guess I stopped caring about that exact day. It didn’t matter, I guess.

Why am I boring you with all that? Well, because there are some important dates I do remember. Mostly, because they are in my calender. And my phone keeps reminding me. Some are silly and just a nice little thing to know. Like the day I replied to Michael’s tweet. Or the day with first told each other “I loved you”. And while that might seem goofy and silly, it is special to me.

Because those days led to a different day in my life and a different entry in my calender.

Today, around the same time as I write this post, I had landed in the UK and my life was about to chance. I remember myself wondering what the hell I was doing, flying to meet a weird man off the internet. I know to this day how nervous I was as I headed out to the exit. I can still picture him standing there, waiting for me.

The first few hours were weird. Finally standing in front of him, looking for the bus, looking for the place, waiting to finally get in. It was dark and cold and a little voice in my head kept asking whether I did the right thing. And another voice was scream “What the fuck are you doing?”

And then came that moment. The moment after that I named the entry in my calender for today. I became his. His sub. His love. His. And he became mine. My dom. My love. Mine.

It’s been two years and things have changed. For pretty everyone on the planet. Still me managed to meet and spent time together. Online and in real life.

We’re always connected. As every relationship, we have our ups and downs. I drive him insane and he does the same to me. We’re upset, we’re sad, we’re happy, we’re us.

When I got off that plane two years ago, I didn’t know what to expect. I still don’t know what the future will bring and how life will be. But I’m thankful for every day he is in my life.

He brings me joy and laughter and ridiculousness and he makes me mad. He’s silly, he’s caring, he’s loving, and so very weird.

That day changed my life. Forever.

I love you Michael!

Thank you!

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