The Missing Envelope

The Missing Envelope

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I believe I have mentioned before that I prepared something for Michael. I planned ahead for a year. And every weekend he gets to open an envelope. Some contain letters, others contain chocolates or recipes.

There were two weekends which didn’t have envelopes. One was the weekend right before his birthday. First I had planned to send him a special birthday present. But then I had an even better idea. And send him a very special present – myself.

I also wanted to get him something for the New Year’s weekend. I wasn’t able to get it ready before I gave him all the envelopes. So I postponed it. And then there was time so much time to take care of it and I didn’t think about it, until I realised New Year’s is approaching and he’ll be without an envelope.

There was the idea of me visiting again, but the world made sure that wasn’t happening. I needed to send him something and I had some ideas, but life can really get in the way of things.

I recently wrote a post on gifts. There is a package somewhere between Germany and England. It’s travelling and was supposed to arrive 3 to 6 days after being sent, which was Monday. There’s a chance it’ll arrive during the weekend, but with the time of year and the Covid I’m afraid it might take longer.

Of course I could’ve sent it earlier, but I didn’t. Oh well. And then again, the only thing for in the package is envelope. After lots of thinking and overthinking, I have decided to use this blog as this week’s envelope.

The year is coming to an end and I still can’t believe that it’s our 2nd new year we start together. Apart, but together. The talks we have, the tears I cry – because of pain or laughter -, the joy you bring into my everyday life. I am thankful for every moment I get to spend with you.

I’m grateful for the good morning messages and little acts of love. I appreciate how patient you are with me and my life and all my crazy situations. I love being your submissive and your partner.

You inspire me, you push me, you care for me, you love me. You understand my needs and they fit so perfectly with yours. It’s scary sometimes. Because of you, I feel complete.

I’m yours.

I love you.

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