I Love You Too

I Love You Too

Do you remember the first time you told someone you loved them? And want it? Of course I’m talking about a romantic partner, not a family member or a friend.

I remember my first time. I believe I was 17 at the time (so was he) and had been seeing this guy. Oh, he was one of the good ones. He was fun and I truly loved him. We had been together for a while and I wanted to let him know. We had said we liked each other, but those three words, we hadn’t said yet.

One day I took up all my courage and let him know that I wanted to tell him something. There we were, sitting on the sofa in his room and I so wanted to tell him, but no words would come our of my mouth. To this day, I don’t know why. Instead of words there were tears, and then he asked me whether what I wanted to tell him was a three-word-sentence.

He was also a smart one. I nodded, he took me in his arms and in my reality I believe he said, he did too.

A few years had pasted and a few more. That lovely boy and I parted ways and other men came along. Since that moment in the sofa, I had said I love you more than a few times. Often I had meant it. Sometimes I didn’t.

For two years now, I’m with someone who constantly tells me that he loves me. I’m sure I found it weird in the beginning, but I got used to it. And let’s be honest, there are worse things to get used to. Today, as I was at work, I got one of those random text messages from Michael. Simply telling me that he loves me.

My response is always the same. I love you too. But something made me think today. Is it a good thing to tell someone that you love them that often? Won’t you get tired of saying it or hearing it?

I knew the answer right away. No way! Tell them you love them as often as you can! Let them know how you feel! Enjoy hearing it! Be happy!


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  1. Over time, this phrase becomes commonplace and we pronounce it on duty, without even thinking about what meaning it carries. And remember your first time: how many doubts, experiences. What if your feelings do not match and your confession will be rejected or, worse, ridiculed.
    No. You don’t have to say it often or all the time. Let it be rare, but every time before you say this phrase, think for a minute and remember what deep meaning you put into it. And let it be from the heart.

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