My Lists and I

My Lists and I

I’m very excited about this new meme, 5 Things. So here is my contribution to the first prompt Journals, Diaries and Planners.

While I don’t have journal or a diary, I like planners and am a huge fan of lists.

And I will start with a list.

  1. Lists are amazing
  2. To Do Lists make it easier to structure my day and realise what needs to be done.
  3. My ideal idea would be to have a work list, a home list, a weekly list, a monthly list, a yearly list.
  4. I have started a list for blogging to see which memes and prompts I want to participate in, when they open and close and what I could write and post. The picture I have used for this post, is my blogging list for January, and there are more sheets in that excel file. And it’s colour-coded.
  5. One day I will have a list of goals.

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  1. Ok, hate lists but they are incredibly useful. Maybe hate is too strong a word. But I need reminders. Being ADD without my work planner and my goals for the week/ day I would get nothing done.
    Making a plan for memes is brilliant!

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