Ice Cold Heart

Ice Cold Heart

I prefer cold to hot. I always have, ask long as I can think. It’s simple. I can put on more clothes, turn in the heating when it’s cold. While there’s only a certain amount of clothes I can take off on public before it becomes indecent behaviour. And even then, I’m still hot.

I love looking at these pictures where a woman has an ice cube on her back and it’s partly melted. That is pretty. And I assume it can be a lot of fun playing with ice cubes and that kind of sorts.

When it comes to real play with ice and ice cubes and all that, I don’t have much experience. Really, all I can think of right now was when a man I played with several years ago instructed me to insert ice cubes into my vagina.

I don’t remember how I felt about it. I guess it was ok or not too bad. And the memory definitely stuck with me. But at the same time I didn’t feel like it was something that excited me more than other things.

What I do remember though is the uncomfortable feeling I had afterwards. It wasn’t a bladder infection, but sure felt like one. As unsexy as this might be, I often find that this part is not talked about enough. Playing is fun, but there might be some aftermath and consequences one should be prepared for.

Most importantly it is alright to have reactions to certain types of play and kink. And yet again, not be scared to want to try it again.

And ice cubes can make for great photos!

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  1. I can imagine your experience may have been uncomfortable … that is a very sensitive area to expose to freezing ice cubes if they were straight from the freezer.
    I think it much more stimulating to let the ice melt and trickle down over one’s clit, rather than insert directly!
    Xxx – K

  2. Bee

    I am the opposite, once I’m cold, I’m cold to my bones and can’t get warm again. In summer, I can use a fan to cool down, if I overheat.

    And I agree we don’t talk about the less sexy side of experimenting. The one time I used a dildo straight from the fridge (no way can I cope with frozen), it made me cramp so much I was doubled up in pain!

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