Celebration of Life

Celebration of Life

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It’s a weird picture for a post named “Celebration of Life”, I know. And yet it makes perfect sense to me right now.

Just recently I suffered a loss in my family. It wasn’t sudden and yet it hit hard. I have been processing it and some days are easier. And then there are those moments when I feel a wave of grief coming over me and I have to concentrate on not drowning.

I have found ways to keep myself busy and yet make sure I have time to pause and think and be sad. Losing someone you loved and knew for all of your life sucks. While it is a part of life, it still is hard. Knowing that you will never see a person again or speak to them. It’s hard to understand that.

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by so may understanding and supportive people. During the funeral so many wonderful things were said about the deceased. And while it is painful, I have decided to use this opportunity to celebrate life. The life of the person I will never be with again. The lives of all the people they touched. The life lived and the lives yet to be lived.

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  1. It’s so hard to lose a loved one, i think celebrating their life and how they lived and loved is a wonderful thing to do. I can’t think of a better way to be remembered than with memories of love and joy x

  2. I can really relate to this. I’ve been to too many funerals over the last year or two. I’m so sorry that you are in the midst of grief, and I hope that you can continue to find meaning and connection to the person you lost as you celebrate them.

  3. How much is left unsaid, to those who will not hear. And whether it’s a slow departure or the sudden death of a loved one, you will never be ready for this event. Condolences to you.

  4. Your post made me think about the need to cherish every minute of communication with loved ones. After all, when they leave, it becomes impossible and only regret remains that they did not take full advantage of it.

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