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Before Friday I want a essay on what my expectations of you are.

I was told before that this would be a task in the near future. Shortly after I read those words on my weekly schedule. Ever since he mentioned it, the task kept getting back to me. The more I thought about it, the more unsure I got.

What is it that is expected of me?

As a good submissive, one might think, I should always be obdient and a good girl. I’m supposed to think about what I say, don’t argue. If I disagree, I’m expected to share my thoughts and concerns in a calm and proper way. Pleasing my dom and doing my tasks need to be my priority and him being happy is my reward.

My daily life needs to be revolve around my d/s, because I am committed to it. That is what I want and what I chose. I always need to find a way to work around whatever might happen in my local life. Being his, serving him and truly committing to our d/s is what I am expected to be and do.

That all sounds wonderful. If you’re NOT me.

I have been in relationship where this was expected, but I couldn’t do it. I could, but only for a while. There are so many other things going on in my life that d/s on not my only priority. Come to think of it, it might not be a priority at all.

My relationship with Michael on the other hand is a priority. Not the only one, but definitely in the top 5. I mean, I kinda do like my kids and my parents and my job – and making money to actually have food and not starve.

I love my d/s. I love my d/s with Michael. I always try my best to be a good girl, to do my tasks, to please him. But I know that one of the things he expects of me it that I am true to myself. He expects me to do things which make me happy. He’d be more upset with me if I’d prioritise my submission over my kids or other aspects of my local life.

Of course I’m expected to do my tasks, but I’m also expected to speak up if something doesn’t work. I’m expected to say when there’s something I don’t want to do, for whatever reason. And I’m always, always expected to use my safeword.

I’m expected to be his partner as much as his submissive. I’m expected to be happy and pursue my happiness, as much as (if not more) pleasing him. I’m not expected to change and become someone I’m not. Rather, he wants me to grow, be successful, happy.

When it comes to d/s, I’m expected to explore, try things out, speak up, think, share. I’m expected to find ways to connect with my submission and embrace it.

Sir has those questions he likes to ask me and I love when he does:

Who owns you?

You Sir.

What can I do to you?

Anything you want Sir.

What will you do to prove that?

For the longest time I would answer: anything you want Sir. But just the other day I said, without even thinking about it:

Everything I can

I love it when he does that dom voice and tells me that there things which are expected of me. This gets me so excited and wet and in a wonderful subby mind.

You know what is expected of you

When I got the task to write about what his expectations of me are, and for all the time till I finally I sat down to do it, all I can think about was, how am I supposed to write am essay about something that can be summed up in one sentence?

Before Friday I want a essay on what my expectations of you are.

Your expectations of me are that I try my best, communicate, be honest and care – for you, for myself, for us.


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