When I saw that “Nyotaimori” would be a KinkOfTheWeek soon, I had no idea what that was and needed to do research. I typed the word into a search engine and the moment I saw pictures, I had a plan. I was going to treat myself, order sushi, take a pic and use all that for a SinfulSunday picture.

I did most of the steps a few weeks ago and sent it to Michael. But not only him. And this picture inspired words, which inspired words and thoughts on my end.

Would Nyotaimori be something I could be interested in? Could I lie on a table, covered in delicious snacks, and have people eat it off me. Using chopsticks or their hands. Maybe their hands moving across my body, caressing it, playing with it, checking whether all the action was making me wet.

What made me a bit uncomfortable as I read the fantasy, was the fact it was written by a woman. I have very contradicting feelings when it comes to women and sex and kink. And especially d/s. Being in a submissive position while the other woman in a position of power makes me want to use my safeword to make my thoughts stop. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling. The why is not the point of this post.

At the same time, the author, is a friend and a little bit of flirting has been happening. Thoughts had wandered off and some ideas and fantasies have been shared. So, at the same time I was intrigued.

I did this new thing where I don’t push thoughts and feelings away, because they might make my uneasy. Instead I try to figure out why that is or which part actually is intriguing.

Is the fantasy about power? What is it about think I seem to like?

There I am. Naked, in a room with dimmed lights. I lie on a table, covered in delicious sushi. I can smell the rice, the fish, the vegetables, and I wonder whether I will get to eat some sushi myself today. I close my eyes as I hear people enter. The chatter stops and I know they saw me.

I didn’t want to be blindfolded, but I can’t open my eyes and look at them yet. How many are there? Do they like what they see? I can feel them coming closer, hear chopsticks.

“This looks delicious.” I hear someone say and I smile. Slowly one sushi is lifted, then the next. Chopsticks trace across my skin, I moan quietly. I can feel someone decided to use their fingers, as they lift a sushi roll off my breast and play with my nipple as they do.

I know there are only a few rolls left, as I feel my legs being parted a bit further. I concentrate on not moving too much and at the same time I’m enjoying the hand between my legs and the words: “Oh, she’s so wet.”

As the fantasy plays out in my head and I indeed get wet from the idea, I realise this kink is not about the exchange of power. It is not connected to d/s for me.

It is about attention, being the centre of attention. And I know already that being the centre of attention is definitely a kink for me.

Nyotaimori for me is sensual and exciting. And I can’t wait to make this fantasy come true one day, in a similar way – or maybe more private.

But finally, for my SinfulSunday picture:

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  1. First of all this is a VERY sexy picture. I don’t know how you managed to capture this on your own but you did a great job

    Secondly…. I think there are often kinks and explorations that can be had which are not directly about power but about feeling exposed or worshipped or desired.


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