It’s time to come

It’s time to come

I’m writing this as I am on my way to the airport. You, my dear readers, will be reading this in about 2 hours – hopefully -, if everything goes well.

It has been a while since I’ve been with Michael. In person. I miss him terribly. I miss us.

I did plan to go visit him in the beginning of January. But the world did not agree with that plan. And in retrospect, I’m glad things worked out the way they did. I got the see and say goodbye to a family member, before they passed. It wouldn’t have been possible, if I’d gone to visit the UK. This too was for the best.

I had already chosen a flight, but hesitated to book it. I hadn’t told Michael about the plans and only spoke to Molly. I needed to check it would be alright with her and her family, if I visited. Also, surprising him last time was so nice.

Another reason for not telling him right away was that I didn’t want to disappoint him. I guess, in some level I knew the chances of me coming would be very slim.

I did however tell him afterwards.

Right after I sterted looking at my calender to decide when I could come next. And again, my local life made it impossible. But there was this one week. Not ideal, but the only thing that would work.

I talked to Molly, booked a flight, took vacation days – in that order.

Why did we decide to not tell him? No idea. I guess, we did enjoy surprising him a lot. And while I can only talk for myself – Molly would probably agree – the look on his face when he saw me on October was so so wonderful.

However, we decided to give him a heads up. I have been hinting at my visit and he even played along. But while he might hope I will come soon, he doesn’t allow himself to actually believe it. Unless he’s even sneakier than Molly and I.

Soon I will arrive at the airport. I will go through security and find a nice space, which will make it obvious I’m at the airport.

I will give Molly a heads up and she’ll make sure she’s near him. I plan on asking him what he’s doing right now and whether he’d like to see what I’m doing. And then a video call will happen.

That is my plan. As you read this, it all will already had happen and he’s probably getting ready to come and pick me up.

I love you Michael.


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