D for Drawer

D for Drawer

Michael and I fit together pretty well. I wouldn’t say perfectly, because that would be boring. And one of the things he isn’t, is boring. We have different opinions on things, but are in the same wavelength. Many of our kinks fit together. That is important as well in a relationship.

We also disagree on many things, but it doesn’t bother us really. None of the topic we have different opinions on are core issues. We respect and support each other, even when teasing and challenging the other one their beliefs.

And then there are things either of us likes, but the other doesn’t. For example, I really like men in uniform or wearing a suit. There’s something about men in suits. A nice shirt. Uff. Michael has his very own opinion on that and I doubt I will ever see him wear a suit. Although he did wear a nice shirt for me once. I really appreciated that.

Michael on the other hand thinks it’s very, very sexy when women wear blue jeans and a white t-shirt. Now, it has been a long time since I wore jeans. But, the things we do for love. Before I visited Michael in October, I went and bought myself a pair of jeans. That wasn’t easy as I had no idea which size I needed.

When I left, I left the jeans with him. I knew I wouldn’t wear them back home. So when I visited again, I had them there. This time I also left a sweater there. When Michael noticed and I told him to keep it safe, he sent the following message:

Then I will clear a drawer for you here at home

He had started calling his bed “our” bed and his room “our” room. And also Molly mentioned that her house was my home with him. That all made me so happy. But somehow the drawer made it more real.

While I know, I have a place there, I now also have a physical space. It’s a little drawer, nothing special. But it’s my drawer, at home. In our room.

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