E for Escape

E for Escape

Have you ever played the “Escape Room” thing? I never did, until recently. I had a lot of fun and we finished with more than a minute to spare.

While this was my first time playing this, the concept of escaping is nothing new to me. Not necessarily from a room, with hints and a countdown. More in a mental way.

The other day I came back from a seminar I organised for work. The weeks leading up to it were full with other things. Work and personal. That seminar was the finish line and I knew I could calm down a bit, once it happened.

The day after I went into work for a bit and then headed home. That was the moment I “escaped”. I sat down on the couch and basically did nothing for the next hour and a half. I did not write, I did not play, I did not talk, I did not listen.

I simply enjoyed the quiet. It was lovely.

After some time I realised I was feeling guilty. Not because of all the things I could’ve done instead of sitting around, but because I could’ve used the time to have a call with Sir. In the past months we seem to not have a lot of time together to talk without being interrupted. For hours no one would’ve come home.

But at the same time I knew he’d understand. I needed the time and quiet to recharge and refocus. That is who I am and the way I am.

So I completed the challenges and escaped for a bit. And now I can start planning seeing him again soon.

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  1. I never have, no. My son and some friends of his did, and I think he enjoyed it. It was pretty expensive, even breaking it up between them. It was in our mall, but it’s not there anymore. I think there were three of four different rooms. I play that sort of game on my PC, so I ought to like it in real life!

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