I for Ice-Cream

I for Ice-Cream

My main reason for suggesting the current KinkOfTheWeek was to read what others think about this kink and how they feel about it. Why they like it or don’t. How it works in other d/s relationships.

Sadly up until now, only Molly has written a post and as I was told by Sir to write mine by the end of the week, I don’t have much time left – as it is Saturday.

Initially the title of this post was “I for Inconvenience”. And that still is a very good title to go with my thoughts, but the ice-cream I had yesterday, needed to be shared and it for perfectly with today’s letter.

I was feeling poorly yesterday. I was tired and cold and exhausted and my mental state wasn’t the best, as I wrote about in yesterday’s post. At a point I messages Sir and asked permission to have ice-cream. Permission was granted, obviously, and I enjoyed way more than I should’ve had.

Michael suggested food control about half a year ago. I don’t struggle to eat or have issues with food, but there are times when I simply forget to have food. When I’m busy, like super busy, running around or have a deadline, I concentrate so much on what I’m doing that I forget to eat. It simply becomes less important. Amongst other things. Like drinking or using the bathroom.

It was a situation like that which initiated the rule of showing him at least one meal I have during each day. Later he suggested food control. I had written about it and my struggle with it before. I struggled with it. We had a trial of a week or so, I had one million questions, and in the end we stopped.

I knew it was something Michael was into, so I thought about it and analysed what my issue was. After a while I suggested it myself. There’s a long post coming about the weird way my brain works sometimes, but to make it short let’s just say I needed time to come to terms.

When he first mentioned it last year, the idea was scary. Maybe because it was new and I had never heard of it before. But, for several months now we have been doing food/meal control. He’s not unreasonable. At least in that area. And we work on it. It’s not set in stone, but adjustable.

So much depends on the day, the surroundings, what happens in the world. When I’m at a seminar, I have no influence on what will be served. So I inform him of what I ate or am about to eat. If possible, I send a picture. Whenever I can, I ask permission. That is usually the case with dinner.

He rarely denies me something. I don’t think he ever did, since the marshmallow way back. I realise that might change, once he reads these lines. This kink works for us, because we make it work. We talk, we adjust, we change, we adapt.

The things I love most about food/meal control? That he has control over daily things, while being far away. That through it, he becomes part of my life. And that when we’re together, I can tell him that I can’t decide on what to have, because that’s what he is for.

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  1. “And that when we’re together, I can tell him that I can’t decide on what to have, because that’s what he is for. ” Totally get this, having someone else decide is very freeing.

    Also that ice-cream looks amazing. Next time you visit we need to indulge in more ice-cream. Apparently there is a place in the next town to us where the DQ’s friend works that is an ice-cream parlour so I think you and me should check it out…. for research purposes obviously!


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  3. I also love when I don’t have to decide stuff on the menu. We often discuss it, for example Spanish tapas, but in the main he decides. No so easy at home when I ask “what shall we have for dinner?”. But that’s another thing.

    I’d be up for the ice cream parlour with you two!

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