M for Meditation

M for Meditation

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Spend some time every day meditating on your submission, even if you can only spend 15 minutes or so.

The current NoTrueWay prompt tells us submissives to take some time out of our day to meditate on our submission. Well, where do I start?

I firmly believe that people can benefit from meditation. I can see the appeal and the effect it can have. It can centre one’s mind and thoughts. And I assume it can be helpful in stressful or hard situations. I imagine it calms one’s thoughts down, brings peace and quiet. But I have no idea, because I never actually tried meditation.

I don’t see myself trying it ever, but one of the things I have learnt is to not assume that I won’t give it a try. Being able to calm my thoughts and head down would be a wonderful thing. Breathe in, breathe out, be calm. Sounds good. But that is not the point of this prompt.

A good submissive should set apart some time to reminisce, meditate, and think about their submission. How can they serve their dominant better? How can they improve? Those are the questions I assume one thinks about when meditating.

While I am sure that thinking about those things is a good thing and should happen regularly. As well as talking about those things with the partner. Same I believe to be true for the dom in that relationship.

That said, I don’t see myself setting aside 15 minutes or more to dwell on my submission. First of all, 15 minutes is a very long time. And secondly, I don’t believe I have the time and quiet every day to do that. Some days are so packed that I forget to eat. Other days, plenty of people are around. And if I happen to have that free time and quiet, I rather spend it chatting or talking to my dom than thinking about him.

And lastly, I really shouldn’t be left alone with my thoughts that long every day.

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