W for Workout

W for Workout

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Some of you might know I have been doing yoga. I started over a year ago and have been doing it pretty regularly. I’m very proud of myself for completing Ferns “12 Weeks Workout Challenge”.

I have been doing yoga at home, with the wonderful video of Adrienne. It’s been a lot of fun. Mostly because I can do yoga whenever I want and have time and I can choose what I’ll do, also depending on how much time I have. Also, whenever she talks too much or does something I can’t, I can simply skip a few seconds.

I never did yoga in a group. I never did yoga with another person until March this year, when Molly and I had a week in yoga-ing. I was nervous about that, for no sane reason. Up until a bit over a year ago, I wouldn’t have even considered yoga. My mind was set about yoga and especially people doing it. But here I am. More than a year of happy yoga.

Today I did something new. Suggested by my colleague, we went to a yoga studio. With other real life people and a real life yoga teacher. I was open to the experience we got ourself an introduction course. We have 4 weeks to visit 3 classes of our choosing. While today’s class was a bit boring yoga-wise, I’m sure I will pick 2 very different ones.

The experience itself was interesting. And I use this word on purpose. The vibe in the room was exactly how I pictured it before I started doing yoga. I felt totally out of place. I can’t really describe it, it simply wasn’t me.

What did impress me was the only male participant. My personal hero. He didn’t seem to be there to stare at women’s butts. Me on the other hand… That woman in front of me – yum. But that’s beside the point.

One of the things which bothered me, was him having a very gender-specific way of speaking. He’d mention the princess’ crown and referred to the women. And then added, obviously the men are princes. My head might have exploded a bit. What if I want to be a prince or the guy wants to be a princess or many other possibilities. You can see, that bothered me.

It was just the way I imagined it. I will definitely do the other 2 courses I paid for, but will continue my yoga online, at home or with my girlfriend.

The icing in the cake was the end. As we were done, we did. A few more deep breaths and he and most of the room did an “Om”. They all were so concentrated, so was I. I however concentrated in not laughing.

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