Z for Zero

Z for Zero

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A bit of a sad and confused post. It represents my current feelings, I guess.

Today’s the last day of April. 4 months of 2022 have past. That means there are 8 more to come.

I had ideas what to wrote for my final post for the #AtoZChallenge. But life is the way it is and here I am, an hour before midnight. All day I have been debating with myself whether I should write a post or not.

I have suffered a loss. I’m still suffering and I will be for a while. So writing posts for my often NSFW blog seemed wrong. But not completing the #AtoZChallenge didn’t go well with my OCD.

This year has brought many things. Some very interesting and exciting. But also a lot of pain and sadness. Over the past 4 months, I have lost two family members. There are zero words to express how I feel.

Especially the latest loss is hard. My emotions seem to be like a roller-coaster. Sadness and tears, followed by forgetting what happened for a moment. And numbness. The numbness is what I find hard to deal with. How can I feel nothing?

Just as I was writing this post, I realised, it’s not nothing I feel. I just need a few moments of “nothing” in order to not be overwhelmed by all the other emotions.

While there are zero words to express how I feel, the feeling of numbness is OK and doesn’t mean I don’t feel anything. It simply means I cope.

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  1. Sometimes the feelings come in waves. Take it one day at a time and be gentle with yourself. It isn’t easy. There’s a lot of grief in the world right now. Honor those who are gone in a way that feels true to yourself and to the relationship you had. Maybe blog about a common interest you shared with the person.

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