Summer Dresses

Summer Dresses

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It’s been hot the past few days. And looking at the weather app, I can see, it will continue that way. I’m not a fan. I don’t like heat, I don’t like sweating, I don’t really enjoy the summer.

The nights and mornings are still cool. This is nice. It allows me to sleep with an open window. It allows me to sleep. Once it gets so hot during the day that it doesn’t cool down in the night is when I have a lot of trouble sleeping.

I’m trying to plan my next visit to England. I can’t wait to be there again. Laughter, live, kink, talks. As I was thinking about that trip, I realise there’s one certain thing I’m looking forward to. Besides all the obvious ones.

Summer dresses. I have a few very nice summer dresses, but wearing them here is not always possible. Most of them are wrap dresses and quite revealing, if I don’t wear some kind of shirt under it. While I could wear them in my free time, I can’t wear them at work or on official events in my volunteer work. So I have these dresses and I find myself unable to wear them a lot of the time. But as I was planning my trip I realised, it would be the perfect opportunity to actually wear them.

Now I can’t wait to put them on and have hands slide beneath the thin fabric or untie that little bow on the side for full access. Walking down the street and wondering if the next breeze will reveal my panties, and whether I am wearing any.

I do realise this includes getting dressed. Not something I enjoy when I’m around Michael. Or Molly. But I’m willing to make sacrifices.

I can’t wait to wear my summer dresses.

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