Where did June go?

Where did June go?

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It’s the last day in June. I have no idea where this month went. I had plans to write way more. I created an excel spreadsheet, but even then I had trouble filling it out. I didn’t know what to write about for a month. While I have been back to work and functioning in a more or less normal way, I still feel that I’m not back to my normal self.
Losing my father affected me more than I’m willing to admit. It’s probably not just that, but adding to it all the other things going on this year.

But again, I feel, like I’m moaning about my life. This way I will not get out of this headspace. I want to be motived to write again and do things and change things. Into how they were before and also into something totally new. It will take time and I have already started working on it. One of the most important things is to do more for myself again – or start with it.
This started with me taking vacation. Not just a couple of days or a week, but several weeks.

I have booked a flight, and now stress about it being cancelled and moved a day or two up. I will get things done in advance and try my best to not do any work, while I’m away. I will enjoy the time and the people and I will work on things I enjoy. I will write. For myself. For this blog, for other projects, which are close to my heart.

Just yesterday I realised not all was bad this year. I made new experiences, which will allow me to write about plenty of stuff for NeverHaveIEverNovember. If I remember to actually run it this year.
All I need to remember is to now put too much pressure on myself and be ok with taking a break.
And also, write down every time I come across something inspiring.

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