Talk to me dirty

Talk to me dirty

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I have this “Revive Old Posts” plugin. You know, the one which posts old posts every few hours. I think I set mine on 11 hours. One of the posts which got re-posted was one in Dirty Talk. From 2013. This prompted the following question:

I’m curious: in the intervening nine years, has any of this changed for you? Are you more able to put what you want into words now, or has your love of dirty talk waned a bit and it’s not something you enjoy as much these days? I love hearing how people evolve.


This forced me to go back and read that awful post. Awful not because of what I wrote, but all the typos and mistakes. On the other hand, it shows me that I’ve come a long way and learnt. And have a partner who points my typos and mistakes out.
While there is a short answer to the question, it has inspired a post. And it’s the #BlogDaysOfSummer. I decided to use more words to answer.

I believe I have written about my inability to talk dirty not too long ago. Obviously that hasn’t changed. But that has to do with being creative and my mind going blank whenever I’m supposed to say something naughty and dirty.
It also is connected to shame and being shy.
But n ow that I think about it, I realise maybe things did change. I am able to actually say what I want. I know that sounds stupid to other people. Yet, for the longest time I struggled to actually say what I wanted. Not that it’s easy now, I usually need a couple of minutes to form the thought in my head and then a few more to build up the courage to say it out loud. Once I do, I feel better. Having a partner who is encouraging and accepting is definitely helpful.
And then there are those rare moments when I actually say what I want or something dirty without thinking about it much, without hesitation. Those are great moments.

What has not changed and probably never will, is my love to hearing or reading dirty talk. Whether it’s in a book, or he whispers into my ear. Or the idea of hearing other people talk dirty. Amongst themselves or about me. All that is extremely arousing and I enjoy it very much.
It simply has to the right person or people and the right setting.
Dirty talk will stay one of my favourites!

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