Obedient Smartass

Obedient Smartass

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Your goal is to be the exact opposite of your dom.

Forget all the sass and wise comments.

Your dom will not enjoy that.

My poor poor dom.
How does he deal with such a horrible, horrible submissive? He must be devastated. That poor man! Such a difficult woman.
And she seems to be uncontrollable.
No wonder she went through so many doms and relationships. So sassy, so much sarcasm, and all the wise comments. Who would ever want a smartass like that?

Yes, what can I say. I am a bad submissive. That is something we have established before. Which is not so bad, seeing how Michael is a bad dom.
I talk back, state my mind, am very sarcastic and have a lot of wise comments. It’s not always to my benefit – although, now that I think of it, it probably is. I like being that way. I like that sometimes I step over the line and get punished for it. But over the years I have learnt to stay just where it’s safe. One more comment, one more look and it’s taking it too far.
Whenever I take it too far, someone else is involved. When I feel encouraged to be more bratty than I should be, I usually know exactly what I’m doing. And there are scenarios and words and phrases in my head which one day will be used. When I’m brave enough for the consequences.

Of course I have my moments when I’m quiet and obedient. I need those moments. I cherish them. They are me, a part of me. But as much as I need those moments, I also need to be all of me. My d/s is not a part time thing for me, not something I do every now and then. My d/s is always there. When I have coffee and when I kneel in front of him and all the moments in between. My d/s is there when I’m a good obedient girl, doing as I’m told. But it’s also there when I talk back, give him a look, call him an asshole and tell him I want to stab him 27 times.
Maybe it’s there more when I’m being sassy and bratty.

I am more than a yes-saying, big-eyed ideal. I am me and me is what you get. With all the mess and tears and sass and obedience and need to be controlled and sarcasm. It is all one package.
Luckily I found someone who actually enjoys all that.
And accepts it. Even when it hurts – me mostly.

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  2. NonyaB

    I LOVE THAT YOU ARE YOU. AS AM I. I WILL ALWAYS HAVE HOPE THAT I FIND SOMEONE BUT I SO NOT PUT A STOP ON MY LIFE, I DO NOT DO HOOK-UPS W D/s involved. That’s ridiculous and not D/s. Topping and bottoming but not D/s.

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