Orgasms and Tears

Orgasms and Tears

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Orgasms and tears have something in common. For me at least. In the past and especially this years I noticed this. Both help me reduce tension.

All my life I have cried easily. It’s just who I am. And rarely has it been an advantage. I cry when something moves me. It can be a loving gesture or a sweet movie. It can be anger and disappointment. It can be frustration or hurt. I don’t cry all the time, but with certain people it’s easy. I have friends, and I count my boss to those people, where I simply tear up when I talk about something close to my heart. With other people I don’t even have to struggle to not start cry. But as I said, tears come easy.

Orgasms on the other hand don’t come easy. Never have, never will. I have learnt enough to know what I need for an orgasm and also that I need to take my time, but it sometimes is frustrating.

Both however can have a wonderful effect. Once I had a good cry or a good orgasm (or several) I calm down a bit. The tension, which has been there, is gone or is less. Sometimes it’s interchangeable. Either will do. Both can relax me in a way. Only writing my thoughts down comes close to it. Sometimes it’s one or the other.

There have been moments in my life when I actually thought that I really needed a good cry. When I cry and let it all out. And afterwards I feel better. Cleansed in a way. Orgasms can achieve the same. Although I might need more than one. I guess the exhaustion after either also plays a big part. The mind is less overloaded, less overwheled and thoughts can fall into place.

Of course there are situations when neither helps. Those are different and need a very different way of dealing with. But that is not what I’m talking about now.

But in the situations when I know one of those will help, I need to listen more to myself and give in to the urge. Maybe not at my desk at the office. As I have noticed tears make people uncomfortable or they ask what’s wrong. And somehow I think having an orgasm in front of my colleagues will also not be appreciated. But taking some time for myself, give in and enjoy a good orgasm or a good cry should happen more. And of course there are those orgasms which make you cry, because all the tension is released. Those are great.

So here I am, advocating for more cries and orgasms and orgasms which make you cry!

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