Smile a Little

Smile a Little

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You can always tell a woman who hasn’t had good sex in a while.

Her face contorts in a way her body has been missing.

Let me tell you about a person I know. This person liked sex. And why not? Sex can be fun and as I wrote just recently, an orgasm can relieve stress and tension. This person had a partner and they obviously would have sex. Over some time something became more and more evident.

If the person’s partner didn’t sleep with the person, the person would get grumpy and even a bit mean. So the partner would often agree to sex, even if they weren’t in the mood. They would “get it over with”. For the sake of peace.

It wasn’t always bad, but the partner would look forward to the days they were away or the person would be busy or work late. Or have sex and know that they’ll be “off” for at least the next day.

You couldn’t tell by the person’s face whether they had sex or not and whether it was good. But at least the partner could tell by their mood.

Why they didn’t have that expression on their face might have several reasons. It could be because what the quote is talking about is total nonsense and not everything is connected to sex.
It could also be, because there’s an expectation for women to always be nice and smiling and the only answer to why they aren’t can possibly be the lack of cock. The power some men think their cocks have is not even close to reality at all.

Another reason might be, because the person I’m talking about is a man. And his partner – me.
That is a relationship I have experienced. While there was no resting bitch face, it was an unpleasant experience. Sex shouldn’t be something anyone feel they are obligated to do or should connect to a feeling of “getting it over with”. Sex should be fun and something to look forward to.

I know I deviated from the prompt a bit. But what was there to write? Whoever thinks the quote is correct, is an idiot. When I don’t want to smile, I don’t want to smile. I don’t owe a smile, to anyone. And yes, a bad mood or a certain expression on my face might have to do something with my relationship, but then it’s probably more than bad sex or the lack of sex.

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