Come again please

Come again please

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I was up late the other night. I was really sleepy, but one of the kids was out at a party and I stayed up till they got back. To stay awake, I scrolled through all kinds of social media I have on my phone, including TikTok.

I watched video after video and one caught my eye. There were Adam, Eve and God. God said to them: “Each of you get one really good ability. You’ll decide, who wants what. One ability is peeing while standing up.” (Not an exact quote). You can see Eve opening her mouth to speak, but Adam is faster: “Me! Me! I want that!”

He gets to be able to pee without having to sit down and is totally happy about it. As he goes on and on how happy he is, I wonder what does Eve get. She seems disappointed. God turns to her, slightly irritated by Adam’s peeing and says: “And the other ability is multiple orgasms.” Needless to say Eve is happy and it shuts Adam up.

I kept scrolling, but the thought stayed in my head. The next day, as I was having lunch and texting with Sir, he suddenly asked me: “What are you doing my little slut?” As a reply I sent him a picture of my lunch. “And after that?” – “What am I supposed to be doing?” – “Have an orgasm.”

I finished my lunch and went to do as I’m told, because I do try to be a good girl. As I was done and thanked him, he texts: “Have another one.” – “Right now?” – “Yes, right now.” Again I did as I was told and had another orgasm.

The first one was good. Especially because it had been a while since I hadn’t have many in a while. He didn’t tell me to have one, I didn’t ask – didn’t feel like it. But the second one was amazing. The second one usually is more intense, more powerful, simply more.

I had heard about multiple orgasms before, but for the longest time, I was convinced I wasn’t able to have those. I had struggled with my orgasms for a long time. And I still do now. It’s not always easy to have one, especially when I’m with another person. What often happened was that I actually had an orgasm and then they did and that was it.

When I was by myself, I would do all the things I liked, have an orgasm and go on about my day. I never even thought about giving it another go. I can’t remember the first time I or a partner kept going. Somehow I thought it would mean to simply keep on going and I didn’t want that. The moments after am orgasm I’m very sensitive and prefer not to have my clit touched. Now I understand that this idea is probably rooted in porn and not in real life. And, I can’t say it enough, every body works differently.

I remember one guy I was with who had me use the vibe for an hour and see how often in could orgasm. I remember still being horny after an orgasm and then having one a few minutes later. It still took me a while to understand that also was a form of multiple orgasms.

Today I know that I can have more than one orgasm. I have learnt more about my body. I need a bit of to cool down and then I can go again.

Pause, breathe, resume.

I wonder whether I can have more than two…

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  1. Oh the exploration and discovery that can be done….
    Kitten had orgasm issues before she met me. She even admitted that the first time we meet she may have faked one. But not after that first fake.

    We found that when she is in a submissive state she cums more easily. She will occasionally when aroused enough cum at a 3, 2,1 countdown.
    There are other times where in subspace she will orgasm and get to a point of one long rolling orgasm lasting for a long time. (30 seconds seems long sometimes. Ever notice the relativity of time during intercourse? 20 minutes can feel like an hour?)
    Your mileage may vary.
    But it is a fun exploration.
    Have fun!

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