Category: <span>A to Z</span>

Category: A to Z

W for Workout

Some of you might know I have been doing yoga. I started over a year ago and have been doing it pretty regularly. I’m very proud of myself for completing Ferns “12 Weeks Workout Challenge”. …

V for View

The view is amazing. And the thought of his hands on me, in me. And her there watching, participating, being a part of us. Check out more posts for AtoZ:

U for Unique

Hello!It’s me again! The woman, who is certain nothing good can happen to her.The woman, who pushes away and ends up saying things, which are in her head, but make no sense.The woman, who believes, …

O for Orgasm

Yesterday I messaged Sir, informing him that I will need to have an orgasm. For blogging purposes. And I had. A few really. But none of them were particularly good. It seems, somethings is missing. …