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Category: D/s

What I look for in a Dom?

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A few days ago I asked my followers on Twitter what it is that they want/need in a Dom.
I got a few interesting replies as well as some with which I was not really satisfied with. But after a couple of days of thinking I came to realise that it´s different things we all look for, as we all are not the same. For some people it might be important that they can do also vanilla things with their Dom, while others don´t care about it at all.
Some need to be pushed by a Master and other want him to know the limits.
The list just goes on and on and on.
But I´m not here to write about the needs and wants of other people, I´m here to write about mine.

So, what is it that I look for in a Dom, a Master?

I have understood that I am NOT looking for a real life Dom somewhere near. Not now anyway. I don´t have the time for it. I just started working again and I have other things that need to be taken care of. I know that an online D/s relationship also needs a lot of time and effort, but it is different and I know from experience that I can do it.

I am not looking for someone to fall in love with. Not in the common vanilla way.
I need someone who I can respect and who respects me, with all my
weird ideas and habits.
I need someone who is willing to REALLY get to know me. Because only someone who understands me can push me and can know how far he can go and what he can do with me.
I need to feel safe with him.
A lot of words and still I am not sure that I really said anything…