Sucking Results

Sucking Results

I love it! I have said it before and I will say it again and again. I love sucking cock. I have no idea why. I remember that one particular day. I have had sucked cock before, but that time I had a cock in my mouth and my fingers were playing with myself. They were circling my clit as my mouth worked up and down that cock. I was surprised, how fast I was about to cum. The cock in my mouth certainly helped.

As much as I enjoy the sucking part, I also enjoy the result. Feeling him getting close, tensing up, and cumming.

“Where do you want it?” How I hate that question. I hate making decisions and I want it everywhere. But feeling his cum on my face is certainly a favourite.

Because I get to wear it and no one notices… Just as I did when I left Paris, when Sir and I were together last time.

And because we suck at taking photos, an old picture had to suffice.

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  1. This picture really stirs my dominant side. What’s better than a woman saying she loves to suck cock. No cock sucking trick learned somewhere can compensate for the pure enjoyment one can see in such a woman’s face.

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