Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

When I read the prompt for this month, I had a hard time thinking of who to invite to that summer party. Little did I know. Things changed so quickly. And after two weeks I knew exactly what to write about.

Of course there are plenty of people I’d love to have at my table. People who I haven’t seen in a long time, although we live in the same city. People I have never met, like my Twitter friends. Maybe mix in some famous movie stars and a few politicians. Writers, poets, humans throughout the history. Dead and alive.

But what I really want, is what I had.

I got to see Michael. I got to spend time with him. And more than our usual 48 hours. We actually had almost 10 days together. I haven’t written much about it, because I know that while I’m lucky, there are so many others, who don’t get to see their person.

I don’t want a fancy meal, with several courses. Served by a waiter, somewhere on the beach.

I want twice baked potatoes and bagels and take-out pizza that isn’t pre-cut. I want to cook something while he does the dishes or the other way around. I want to watch him cook, as I am only allowed to sit and not help, and suggests better ways to do it.

My ideal guest would be him. My ideal place would be with him. My ideal topic to talk about would be anything we talk about and still never be done.

My perfect meal would be breakfast, lunch and dinner. With him. Over and over again.

Sadly we managed to not take one picture of any of our meals. So the picture is of a dinner my kids treated me with the other day. It’s nothing I’d share with him, but thoughts and love was put into it. And it was as delicious as it looks.

Enjoy more meals:

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