It Is What It Is – Period

It Is What It Is – Period

As I tweeded on Thursday:

I just took a picture I would’ve never taken a year ago.

Even less so planned to post it on my blog

Maybe even less than a year ago. Things change, I change and I learn to love myself. Each and every day. Each and every thing. Every hour of the day, every day of the month.

Because he has shown me that I am sexy, desirable and amazing. Always. No matter what.

I am very nervous about that picture. Probably more than I should be.

Enjoy more images for Sinful Sunday:

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  1. violet fawkes

    Not sure if you know of it but SubBee has a meme on her blog called “Menstruation Matters” that you can link posts to and it provides some community for period posts so they don’t feel as nerve wracking!

  2. Bee

    It’s such a beautiful photo and I feel such a fraud for running a period positive meme and yet being too afraid to post images myself.

    I need to change that so thank you for nudging me.

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