NTW #4 Round Up

NTW #4 Round Up

I have been toying with the idea of round ups for No True Way, but decided against it in the beginning. It’s my first meme and I needed to get the hang of it and see whether it’s something I enjoy and will continue. So after some more thinking, talking and thinking again, I decided to start having round ups.

To decide who to ask for the first round up took me about 1 second. Violet of Violet Fawkes has been part on No True Way from the moment the idea was born. She had ideas, input and patience with me and my English and my not-so-creative-self. It was Violet who designed the logo and the header for Twitter.

If you haven’t yet, you should totally check out her Twitter and her blog. But enough from me, here’s Violet’s round up for NTW #4:

I am so stoked to be doing a roundup for No True Way. I brainstormed with Lillith about NTW as she was bringing the idea to light and I had the colossal privilege of making the logo and helping her flesh out the meme’s concept. It has been so exciting to see it take off and see so many people responding to the quotes. I definitely appreciate all of the opinions and wisdom within this community.

It was a challenge to narrow my choices down to a Top 3 but I did manage. All three of these pieces are smart, well crafted and a pleasure to read!

One Title to Rule Them All

It’s always heartening when you read a D-Type write about how arbitrary and nonsense D/s rules and protocols can be. I’m not one to ‘yuck someone’s yum’ but I have to agree with Michael here: the rigidity of fictional D/s is largely impossible in real life. I much prefer the team approach that he cites in his piece and I agree that sometimes the rules are meant to be broken, simply because the rules don’t make sense. To each their own – a big theme in all the submissions for No True Way #4 – and so it should be! BDSM is incredibly intimate and specific and should be entirely bespoke. I appreciate Michael’s balanced approach in this blog post and I’d say it’s a must-read if you’re interested in the dismantling of the Dom archetype.

Master with a Capital M

I always enjoy Julie’s writing because she is so frank and speaks so often from experience. I love learning about how other D/s couples operate and what works for them. I really appreciate that she is honest about her inconsistency with D/s capitalisation as well as the fact that how she has felt about it over the course of time has remained fluid. Another great point that she makes so well here is about not being ‘precious’ with other peoples’ capitalisation; a reminder that there really is no true way!

The Alpha Male Myth and BDSM

As soon as I saw the title of this post and the image of two wolves, muzzle to muzzle, gnashing their teeth, I knew that Queer Courtesan was going to crush the whole Alpha concept to dust, and that they would do an awesome job of it. I was not disappointed. I had considered taking this tack myself, but I lacked the time and patience to properly research it. I was aware that “Alpha” as a wolf-cum-human trait was bogus, but QC has put it all so eloquently, and somewhat ferociously, in such a way that makes for a great read, highlighting how fragile the pretence of “Alpha” really is.

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  1. violet fawkes

    Thank you again, Lillith – this was fun and I’m sure you will have no issue finding people who are keen to help you with round ups on NTW!

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