NTW #5 Round Up

NTW #5 Round Up

I admire LittleSwitchBitch. I love reading her words and enjoy conversations with her, even when those are rare.
When I asked her to do the round-up she agreed right away and that made me incredible happy.
Follow her on Twitter and check out her blog.
Here are her words:

I had actually planned to get around to doing a post for this particular
topic myself, but time didn’t allow me. Reading all the posts this week
though made me fast realize folks all have a similar opinion.


Lillith Avir – But Why

I love how Lilly broke down the quote and tackles each sentence with her
opinion. Lilly has mention throughout the entire post that is about
trust and understanding and she is right. Both elements regardless of
the relationship are important but for me, when in a D/s relationship
they are even more important.

“This will not happen. If he’s not clear with his instructions, I will
ask. If there are several ways to do something, I will ask. If something
seems risky or maybe stupid, I will ask him whether he’s aware of that
or whether he’s being an idiot on purpose.”

Master’s Pleasing Bitch – Taking orders from Master

I love Julie’s writing – I always feel like I am nearly sat beside
listening to her speak. In this post Julie speaks of how her
relationship with her master works and how they learned what works for
them. Again, just like Lillith’s post – trust and communication are key.

Violet Fawkes – Questions Are a Right, Not a Privilege

Again, Violet is also echoing what others have said but why I picked
Violet’s post is because I love her feedback on this particular topic. I
love how loving she speaks of her partner yet that she isn’t afraid to
pull them on something – yet even more so, they would expect her to.
Pure trust and communication flows and it can be seen in this post.

“Our dynamic is built on Him holding responsibility for decisions, but
equally it is built on the necessity of communication, which includes me
being responsible for questioning things and asking for clarity as

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