NTW #11

NTW #11

NTW #10 went much better than I espected. All the thoughts shared are very much worth reading! So you should totally go back and read them!

In the summer, as I was looking for ideas for #NoTrueWay, I came across a few websites that want to help dominants and submissives, masters and slaves, and all the others. They had ideas and write about how things should be. One of them has a newsletter, I signed up for and today I had some time to kill, so I read the latest one and also the article linked to it. The topic was to make a play session more interesting and they had 5 ideas. One of the ideas promoted had the following headline:

For the Dominant: Create a sense of fear

Further they wrote:

When a sub is slightly afraid, their nervous system is more heightened. This doesn’t mean they have to be genuinely scared, but there should be that fear of the unknown. Not knowing what the Dom will do next will be a huge turn on for them, and bring a deeper meaning to the relationship.

The easiest way to achieve this is by taking away one or more senses. The sub could be blindfolded, restrained in some way, given earphones with loud music, or even gagged. The Dominant can then give pleasure or pain unexpectedly.

Tell me your thoughts on this.

Is being scared a huge turn-on for you?

Is there a line that should never be crossed?

Is that an idea you can not get in board with?

Does knowing that your submissive is scared turn you on?

Read the rules, grab the code, share your thoughts and add your link below.

Find out what others think and learn a new way to look at things.

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