Implement of Pure Evil

Implement of Pure Evil

Never Have I Ever…

…used the implement of pure evil on anyone or myself.

Yes, I am aware of the fact that it’s actually called the Misery Stick and believe me, it’s a very fitting name. Still, I like to call it the Implement of Pure Evil. Or some other similar names.

He had told me about it about a year ago and my first thought was “That can’t be too bad”. After I felt it for the first time, I realised how wrong I was with that assumption and decided to try and stay as far away from it as I could.

Today, a month ago, we were together. Today, a month ago, was Mean Day™. In that day and the days that followed, this horrible implement was used on me. Mostly on my thigh. That was also, when this video was taken.

Until the beginning of November welts could still be seem on my thigh. And I loved it, especially because I didn’t have any bruises this time.

The welts are gone, but the Implement of all Evil came with me. So I thought, why not use it on my. Remind myself of our time together and recreate the welts and lovely red marks.

As I was using it on myself today, I thought to myself that maybe, just maybe, there is a little masochist inside me. There were lovely red marks and I enjoyed seeing them. But sadly they didn’t last.

I guess I will need to wait to be with him, to have welts and marks I can caress and that make me smile.

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