NTW #13

NTW #13

So, I NTW #12 was a bit slow. Yet, I urge you to read the wonderful and thoughtful posts people have linked in.

As for NTW #13 I searched the web and websites and Twitter and all the places. I came across an article, yet again. One of the ideas they suggested made the list for NTW. So here we go:

Maintenance spankings are necessary

Have you ever heard about “maintenance spankings”?

Is it something you do in your d/s?

Do you enjoy giving or receiving them?

Do you find that it can help keep the d/s dynamic in place?

Or maybe you think that it’s something for others, but you would never agree to it?

I’m very intrigued to read your thoughts, as I have only now learn about this concept and am still trying to figure out what my thoughts are.

Read the rules, grab the code, share your thoughts and add your link below.

Find out what others think and learn a new way to look at things.

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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