NTW #14

NTW #14

I very much enjoyed reading what people think about “Maintenance Spankings”. That was enlighting, informative, and helped me form an opinion. If you haven’t read up on it yet, you really, really should.

For a long time now I have enjoyed participating in #KinkOfTheWeek. I was very pleased to find that it was still up and running, when I came back to the blogging world last year. There were a few changes, but I still enjoy being part of it. Why am I telling you that? I looked at the upcoming KOTWs and saw the word “protocol” and I was intrigued. Not that I haven’t heard about them before, but I wanted and needed to learn more before I could form an opinion. And as it happens, I came across a lot of posts and explanations. And also an inspiration for the new NoTrueWay.

Please feel free to link your posts to NTW as well as #KinkOfTheWeek.

Protocol means different things to different people but everyone can agree that a lot, if not all of it, has to do with respect. 

What are your thoughts on this idea?

Are protocols part of your d/s?

Are protocol and respect interchangeable?

Can a d/s relationship function without protocol? Or is it doomed to fail?

What is the difference between protocol and rules?

Read the rules, grab the code, share your thoughts and add your link below.

Find out what others think and learn a new way to look at things.

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