NTW #15

NTW #15

Have you read the contributions about protocol? If you haven’t, go back and read them! There’s so much to learn about other dynamics and realtionships. It’s really fascinating.

Today I have been chatting with quite a few people. Mostly about my suspended account. One of this people was MineToDoWith and he mentioned the NoTrueWay meme. We talked about it a bit and I explained what the idea of the meme was. I also mentioned that there’s hope, this meme might help someone. Maybe someone who is new in kink or someone who isn’t.

Within this chat MineToDoWith wrote 6 words, which I am totally taking out of context and using for the next promt:

The dom is the responsible one

Yes? No? Maybe?

Is the dominant partner the one with more responsibility?

Is saying something like that just a way to get out of bein responsible?

Which responsibilities do you and your partner have?

If the dom is the responsible one, does that make the sub irresponsible?

Read the rules, grab the code, share your thoughts and add your link below.

Find out what others think and learn a new way to look at things.

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