Love is a Fairytale

Love is a Fairytale

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For a while I thought about whether I should combine my post for QuoteQuest and KinkOfTheWeek. And after several days of deliberation, I came to the conclusion that my thoughts could not be combined. So look out for two separate post on LOVE.

Is love a kink?

For about the 5574th time I have looked up what a kink is, in contrast to a fetish.

A kink if it turns you on, a fetish if you MUST have it

To say it in Michael’s words

Does love turn me on? I don’t think so. I don’t need love to be turned on. I’ve been with men and been extremely turned on, but there was no love. Sure, we liked each other – even if it was just for that moment -, but there wasn’t love. I had enough encounters where it was clear that there never would be love.

So I’d say love is not a kink for me. It might be for others and I hope to read their thoughts.

Does love and kink belong together? Can there be love and kink at the same time?

No! Is the answer I’d have given you a year ago. And still today, I’m not sure of it. Kink has always been only one part of my life. I had discovered love much earlier than I discovered kink and my love for kink (hehe, see what I did there?!). Kink has always been my sweet little secret, on the side, just for me. Nothing that had place or a role in my everyday life.

Today, as I sit here and think back on my kink encounters (the non-kink one are for another post), I start to see something.

As shocking as it is for me to realise and admit, but it seems, I MUST have love.

It’s still something I’m getting used to and work on accepting it. Kink without love works for me, but it doesn’t last.

It seems, love isn’t a kink for me. Love is fetish.

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