Oh Please!

Oh Please!

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This week’s NoTrueWay prompt is:

Pleasing the Dom…
…is the sub’s reward.

The original tweet read: Pleasing Him…Is her reward.

So, where do I start?

The more I think about it there I find it harder to put the thoughts onto paper – you know what I mean. When I first read the tweet, all of me very loudly and clearly said: Hell no! But I’m beginning to see it from different perspectives. Let me elaborate.

I’m not agreeing with how that tweet was meant. My reward is not his pleasure. Sure, I like to please him, but I also like to be pleased. Knowing that he’s pleased is not enough. That is not a dynamic that would work for me. Ever. Not in a long run.

Sure, being his sex doll or being used by him or anything like that can be extremely hot. The thought of it makes me horny and my panties wet. But that is something for every now and then, not on a daily basis.

Now, when I move away from the d/s setting and the idea the person had who tweeted this nonsense, I might be able to agree. In a loving relationship, making my partner happy is rewarding to me. Seeing him smile, knowing his happy, doing things just for him. All that gives me an amazing feeling. Because knowing that he’s happy, especially when it’s because of me, is wonderful.

A big part in that is because I know it is appreciated. Not only is it appreciated, he also does things for me. As I am typing this thought, Michael had just published a post on crisps, that touches that exact topic.

That all sounds great, and it would be, if I was a normal person. While I do stuff like sending him letters for each day I won’t be able to communicate with him or a package with an actual cake, I don’t expect anything like that in return. So in my mind, all I do is totally normal and not out of my way. But when he does something crazy like planning to send me a variety of crazy flavoured crisps, I tell him that he’s crazy and have trouble deciding whether indeed he’s being serious.

I love pleasing him, but that is far from being my reward.

And one day, I will accept all he does and not think he’s crazy every single time. Only on the days that end with a “y”.

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