Tell me about your dream

Tell me about your dream

“I had another sex dream”, I told him the other day.
“Tell me about your dream my little slut”, was his response.

This time I dreamt of sex with myself. That is quite rare. It was very hot though. In my dream I was using one of my dildos, the black one which he gave me last time we were together. It felt so good sliding in and out of me. At the same time I was using my vibrator. It felt good in my dream.

When I opened the schedule of past week, I found following task for Friday:

Masturbate with your dildo and vibrator

All week I looked forward to Friday, and I was not disappointed. Although using the dildo and the vibe at the same time seemed much easier in the dream, I managed and it was good. Task completed.

Who else loves themselves:

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